This whole “Newsweek caused riots in Afghanistan” bullcrap is making me sick. After the abuses documented at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, you show me someone who doesn’t think the Koran was desecrated, and I’ll show you a fucking moron. End of story.
This administration has balls the size of Jupiter to get indignant about this. After starting a war based on documented lies, after calling that war a “crusade”, after the Abu Gharib pictures, after documented cases of females wiping a red liquid on prisoners at Guantanamo and saying it was their menstrual discharge, White House spokesman Scott McLellan had the absolute gall to say that "our image abroad has been damaged" by Newsweek. Yet you sheep buy it. Next time I talk to a Republican, I can almost guarantee they will bring up Newsweek before anything else. Hopefully, I will restrain myself from choking them.
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