Baseball talk

The Padres traded some minor leaguers (some good minor leaguers) to the Reds for Joe Randa. This is a good thing, as Sean Burroughs was not getting the job done. If you're not gonna bat for power, then you better hit .400, and Burroughs was doing neither.
Now they're trying to trade Phil Nevin for the Oriole's Sidney Ponson. I actually like Nevin, and I like his temper, but I don't mind trading him to give more playing time to Xavier Nady. But Sidney Ponson? C'mon, give me a break. Dude is 7-9 with a +5 ERA. A.J. Burnett is out there and we're happy to settle for this guy? I'd rather keep Nevin and call up a minor leaguer. Nevin can refuse the trade, and I hope he does, so we'll see how this ends up.....
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