Halo Of Flies

So about twelve or thirteen years ago The Accused are scheduled to play Fresno. Probably at the Cadillac Club. They were my favorite band at the time, and boy I was stoked to go. So I drive from Lemoore to Fresno, pull into Danny's Records, go to by a ticket when Danny broke the bad news, "No show. They broke up." Damn. That sucked.
Well lucky for me they are back together and are playing next weekend in San Francisco. Yee frickin haw. I can't wait. They have a new album out, which I haven't heard, but Avery tells me its the most punk influenced stuff they've done. Word.
If you don't know who they are, trust me, you've never heard a band like them. Punk-thrash with vocals I won't even try to describe. Blaine, the singer, just has one of those voices, the ones, like HR from Bad Brains, that you will never confuse for anyone else. You can download some tracks and stuff at www.splatterrock.com.
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