Overlooked Punk Gems

Pud – The One on the Wall Is Atrout, I'm the Shark

Rising from the ashes of the Rickets (I think), Pud was an overlooked band from Washingtone state. I had the pleasure of seeing them play live at a fesitival in Mount Shasta in the mid-90’s and let me tell you, teenagers have no business sounding this confident while playing 70’s style punk/pub rock. This was released on Recess Records after an excellent EP (included on this album) and is an amazing blend of late 70’s punk styles, with an Irish pub sound underneath the whole thing. I simply cannot fathom that they were so young when they recorded this stuff. This probably sold a total of like 3 records, so if your lucky, Amazon will have one really cheap at the link below and you can be the fourth person to have this gem and be cooler than your so-called friends.

Sweet Diesel – The Kids Are Dead

New York City power punk at its finest. The riffs on here are catchy and crushing at the same time. Solid songs from start to finish, but “I Hate The Man” and “Morning Breath” especially stand out. Unfortunately, this album was released with artwork depicting a guy shooting up a playground, and shortly after its release, some dude in Europe shot up a playground and killed a bunch of kids, leading this to be pulled off the shelves. Fortunately, some sellers on Amazon have used copies cheap.

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