D.I.Y. on the State Level

There's a very encouraging trend going down. Since the Bush administration seems to be dropping the ball by ignoring or lying about almost everything single thing like little children, individual states are stepping up and acting like adults.

There have been many numerous examples of late.

Since the U.S. refuses to aknowledge that global warming exists and therefore refuses to do any about it, many states, led by California, have begun tightening restrictions on emissions and greenhouse gases on their own.

Many states, again led by California, have begun to fund programs for stem cell research that the Federal Government is trying to restrict.

Trusting doctors over politicians, many states have passed medical marijuana laws, although the Supreme Court recently ruled that the issue is a Federal one and not for the states to decide. Still, it’s an example of states trying to fill in the gap that Washington refuses to address.

Euthenasia? See previous paragraph on marijuana.

If republicans are constantly going to feed us the “states rights” argument, Democrats may as well take them up on it, since it’s apparent Washington could give two fucks about your health, happiness, and the future of the planet.
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