MP3 Of the Day: Radon - Facial Disobedience

New feature! MP3 of the Day! No it won't be everyday, cuz I''m too lazy. But anyways.....

This is honestly one of my all time favorite songs by one of my all time favorite bands. They're one of the original Gainesville No Idea Records bands and helped to forge a unique Gainesville sound. The Gainesville sound combines punk, rock, and folk/country influences (everyone seems to cite Uncle Tupelo). This tradition is carried on by bands such as Gunmoll and Against Me!

Facial Disobedience has a fantastic sound, lyrics that make absolutely no sense and perfect sense at the same time. The download is free, and like all good music, you need to listen to it a couple of times for everything to fall into place, but once it does, oh man. So dedicate 15 minutes of your life and discover a great band you never even knew existed.

Download here.
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