Quit whining!

I have to ask my brothers on the left to quit crying and bitching over EVERYTHING. That's the Republicans job. What’s going on with the Left? I really think we’re overstepping on a lot of different issues.

First, we’re going waaaaay out of our way to discredit Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. Yes, the guy is conservative. Why the hell do you think Bush appointed him? Okay, he argued against Roe V. Wade. He also did pro-bono work for a gay rights group. Everything points to him being a pretty damn good legal mind, so just appoint him and hope he strays to the left like so many “conservative” appointees have done in the past. Then we can worry about winning the presidency so we can appoint who WE want.

Second, Americablog, which I love, has started to focus on some pretty minute things. They posted a video of Jean Schmidt, a Republican who ran (and won) for Congress in Ohio, claiming she was acting psychotic. I watched the video. Yeah, she’s a walking, talking, Repulican talking point, but she wasn’t acting crazy. Let’s not start just making shit up and freaking out over every single little thing. That’s the Right’s job.

I don't like the path we're heading down....
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