Words of Mass Distortion

My previous post concerning “IED’s” got me thinking about how we’re using a bunch of gobbledygook to make things sound a little more complicated or dangerous than they are. Someone who cleans your teeth is a dentist, not an oral hygienist. The guy who picks up the trash is the garbage man, not a sanitary engineer.  With this in mind, why do we still use the term “weapon of mass destruction”? People just throw the term around without even thinking of what it means. I would much prefer that people tell me what the fuck they mean. Do you mean a nuclear weapon? Say it. Do you mean chemical weapons? Say it. Do you mean biological weapons? Say it. Because to me, a regular old bomb that kills me is just as bad as a chemical that kills me. I’m dead either way. So why we all blabber on and on about “WMD’s”, don’t forget that tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi’s have been killed by good ole fashioned bombs, rockets, and bullets.
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