College Football Rant

Okay, so last week, I spent the little money I have on a ticket to see my beloved Bulldogs of Fresno State take on the big, bad, USC Trojans, the #1 team in the nation, a team which hasn't lost a game in nearly three years. Ticket cost me $100, but it was well worth it, as my underdog Bulldogs gave USC all they could handle, almost winning the game before succombing in a 50-42 loss that no one who watched will soon forget.

While not quite on this level, the Bulldogs do this sort of thing every year. In the past five years we've beat the Big Boys: Georgia Tech, UCLA, Virgina, Colorado, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Washington, Oregon State, and almost beating Oregon twice. We can hang. We are one of the big boys.


we are not in a BCS conference, so we are a perennial outsider, locked out of the big bowls and the big exposure and big payouts that come with it. I was always a little ticked about it. Now, I'm just pissed. Turns out that if South Florida or Connecticut turned out to win the Big East, they would get into a BCS bowl.

Connecticut has been playing Division I football since 2000.

South Florida has been playing football PERIOD since 1997.

Fresno State has an excellent tradition of football going back decades, with tons of players in the NFL.

It's an insult that we have no chance of a BCS bowl, yet every single year Connecticut and South Florida can harbor BCS dreams.

UPDATE: After I posted this Fresno State went on to fucking lose to Nevada. Me and my big mouth.
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