Election Day Prediction

I’m calling my shot.

Tomorrow’s vote on various propositions in California will be a major victory for Arnold Schwarzenegger (who I just found out is in Microsoft Word’s spell-check dictionary).

I base this on three highly scientific reasons.

First, people are stupid. The proposals are by and large anti-worker and anti-union. Simply, they are against you and for your dickhead pig boss. Unions are the only ones who stand up for and protect the rights of workers, yet a lot of working class people are anti-union because they are Fox News watching morons. Apparently they want to make less money and work more hours in more dangerous conditions. And tomorrow they will vote to do so.

Secondly, Democrats are waaaaay too confident that the propositions will NOT pass. That’s usually a good sign they will.

Finally, I am against most of the propositions (except the redistricting proposal). That means they won’t pass. I have spent a lifetime rooting for the San Digo Padres and the San Diego Chargers. Between the two are exactly ZERO championships. Things just don’t go my way.

So, congratulations, Arnold, you magnificent bastard.
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