The Fetus and The Soldier

It seems to me that once extreme right wing Republicans have politically exploited certain issues and people their attitude turns to “fuck ‘em”. The two best examples of this tactic are the fetus and the soldier.

The abortion issue is a very decisive one, and I understand the feelings on both sides of the issue. But what I don’t get are those people who fight so hard for the rights of the unborn, but then fight against the rights of babies and children. I mean, I know universal health care causes all sorts of controversy, but shouldn’t it be a no-brainer that at least every CHILD should be guaranteed access to health care? Nope, programs that try and do just that are voted against by right wingers. They cut Head Start programs. They cut after school programs. They cut breakfast programs. Pretty much, if a program helps out a child born into poverty, the extreme right wing is against it. But they want to guarantee that child has to be born into poverty. It’s just sickening.

The same thing occurs when the military is concerned. They’ll pay lip service to them. They’ll wave their flags. They’ll criticize any dissent as being unpatriotic. But when the time comes to put their money where their mouths are, suddenly it’s “fuck em”. Veterans benefits = cut. Mental Health programs for returning soldiers = nonexistent. Hell, look how long it took just to get soldiers proper armor for themselves and their vehicles.

When the extreme right speaks on these issues, it’s all just diarrhea of the mouth. They’re fighting a political war, not a moral one. So the next time you hear a politician rail against abortion, look up where they stand on issues of childhood poverty and healthcare. When they talk about the military, look how they voted on Veteran’s benefits.

And remember that shit on election day.
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