Just The Facts

Nice little pissing match we got going on.

Democrats complain the Administration led us into a war based on half-truths, cherry picked information, and outright lies. The evidence clearly leans this way.

But now the Administration is saying Democrats are twisting the facts of how the war began. They’re claiming everyone had the same information. Other countries felt the same way, blah, blah, blah (This argument gets demolished here.)

But it got me thinking. Let’s settle this. How about instead of citing vague “intelligence reports” and third hand assessements of the original “intelligence”, we take a look at the actual intelligence? Names. Places. When aerial photographs were taken of “chemical weapon labs”, what was that based on? Who made the assessment? Did we have spies or moles on the ground? Were we just guessing? At the U.N., Colin Powell was pretty goddamn confident. Let’s see the ACTUAL intelligence that made him feel that confident. We already went to war and scoured the country, so I fail to see how releasing this detail, first hand, intelligence could be harmful now.

Let’s put all the cards on the table and see whose fault this is and make sure it never happens again.
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