Proving Bush Lies = Shooting Fish In A Barrel

President Bush on Monday defended U.S. interrogation practices and called the treatment of terrorism suspects lawful. “We do not torture,” Bush declared in response to reports of secret CIA prisons overseas.
I only need one example to prove that Bush is a liar, but if you’re not satisfied, I can produce many, many more.

Dilawar arrived as a prisoner at the Bagram prison in Afghanistan on December 5, 2002, and was declared dead on December 10, 2002. He was a 22-year-old Afghan taxi driver and farmer who weighed 122 pounds and was 5’9”. He left behind a 3 year old daughter, Bibi Rashida. Leaked internal US Army documentation has ruled that his death is due to a direct result of assaults and attacks sustained by interrogators of the 519th Battalion of the US Army during his stay at Bagram.

The various accounts of abuse have been detailed as follows:

-A black hood pulled over his head limiting his ability to breathe
-Knee strikes to the abdomen
-Over 100 peroneal strikes
-Shoved against a wall
-Pulled by his beard
-His bare feet stepped on
-Kicks to the groin
-Chained to the ceiling for extended hours depriving him of sleep
- Slammed his chest into a table front

The findings of Mr. Dilawar’s autopsy were succinct. A death certificate for Dilawar, aged 22, from Yakubi in eastern Afghanistan, and signed by Major Elizabeth Rouse, pathologist with the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, states that the cause of death was “blunt-force injuries to lower extremities complicating coronary artery disease”.[2]

The military had publicly claimed that Dilawar had died from natural causes.
If you want to call me soft for giving a fuck, well, then fuck you. This guy (read the article) was completely innocent. If that doesn’t matter to you, you’re simply a racist dick. And even if he wasn’t, the bottom line is that this is not about them, it’s about us and what we stand for. But if the point is not getting across, just pretend that Diliwar is your father, and was an innocent killed by a foreign army. You would be pissed, and rightly so. But when they say, “but you do this, too”, what’s your simplistic, "patriotic", macho answer then, tough guy?
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