T.O. Gets A Time Out

T.O. Gets A Time Out

This is old news by now, but I only blog once in a while, so deal with it.

If you follow sports you know all about Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver Terrell Owens. He is immensely talented on the field, a crybaby and egomaniacal jerk off the field. Well, after Owens’s recent run of childish behavior, criticizing players, owners, and fighting with a revered former Eagle, the Eagles decided they had enough and suspended him for the year. Since they are going to trade or release him, he’s basically fired. Good for them.

Most people seem to agree with the decision. But there are still those who put winning above anything and everything. If you’re good, goes the reasoning, anything short of criminal behavior can be overlooked. I’m sure used car dealers and telemarketers feel this way.

If you’re being treated like a chump at your job, in your relationship, or as a consumer, there’s only so much you can take, because you have this little thing called ‘self-respect’. Well, an organization, even an NFL one, has to have some self respect, too. This will hurt the Eagles in the short run, but will unify the team and benefit them in the long run. For T.O., it’s just more publicity and more bridges burned. Some idiotic team will sign him. And that’s sad. It would be nice if the NFL as a whole could show the self respect that the Eagles have shown.

The perfect ending to this saga would for TO to start dating the scandalous (former) Carolina Panthers cheerleaders.
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