Back In San Diego, rambling

Well, they are sending my neice to Iraq on Tuesday. Bastards.

So, I'm back in San Diego to see her off. Man it feels like home here. Which is weird, considering I didn't move to San Diego until my mid-twenties. But it feels more like home than "home" does. "Home" being Lemoore, California. Don't worry, no one else has heard of it either. Currently I reside in Sacramento, which is where I was born, so it should technically be home, but I didn't grow up there, so fuck that. Sacramento will never feel like home. I get mad AT THE CITY every day. I never thought I'd see the day when an actual city pissed me off, but ol' Sactown has managed to accomplish that. I'm dreading going back already.

So today I drove by the place I used to live before I moved to San Diego. For some reason I was hoping I'd see Mojo, my cat that disappeared while I was living there. Don't laugh, she's pulled the disappear-reappear thing more than once. Damn I miss that cat.

The neighborhood (North Park/South Park) has gone through some major changes in the past year. Gentrification on a rapid scale. Off The Record, San Diego's hipster music store, has moved here, and indication of how trendy it's gotten. I predicted this would happen, but I'd have never guessed it would take just a year.

I've already had three mochas today, and I'm planning on eating enough for three people. This is my last hurrah, as I'm seriously going to try and lose some weight when I get back. Of course, by "seriously", I mean that I'll try for two days and give up.

Okay back to my neice. Her name is Sarina, and she is the best person in the world. She is the first person on my Myspace friends list, so you should go and wish her well. She has some fucked up taste in music, but her awesomeness outweighs that.
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