Fuck Ford

So Ford is experiencing some financial difficulties. They are losing U.S. marketshare. They are planning massive layoffs. They were late to the hybrid party. The ones they have, they can’t build enough of to meet demand. So they had an idea, a good one, too. A “Tri-Flex” engine that can run on either gasoline, ethanol or hydrogen. Ah, they are starting to get it, right??


Look at this $100,000 monstrosity they chose to put it in:

Do you know what this behemoth is called? The Super Chief. Do you know where they got the name Super Chief? From a motherfucking train. That’s right, in the midst of layoffs and soaring fuel prices, Ford decided they would model a vehicle after a train. It’s 2006, I’m waiting for my hovercraft and jet pack, and Ford is designing trucks inspired by trains. God help us all.

That’s a big ol' FUCK YOU to all those who are going to lose jobs in the upcoming year. How many millions did they spend coming up with this piece of shit nobody but the super rich can afford? They are saying this thing will get 500 miles between fill ups. That’s a FUCK YOU to you, me, and everyone else whose normal affordable cars don’t approach anywhere near that.

With priorities like that, they can go bankrupt for all I care.
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