Seriously, how long could it possibly take you to fill your soda? Must you wait for the foam to settle all the way down, get a lid, put the lid on, get a straw, take the wrapper off of the straw, insert the straw into the soda, all while blocking the entire soda bar, even though your particular soda is on the far right of said soda bar, and not caring at all that there are other people who may be just as parched as you? Get your goddamned soda, and do all the peripheral soda preparation elsewhere, you jackass.

And you! Do you need 12,000 cups of salsa? You're order is for here, not to go, so just refill your goddamned cup when it runs out. Are you addicted to hot sauce? Do you mainline the fire roasted salsa? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Why does it take you 10 minutes to get salsa/hot sauce. My food is getting cold while your Salsapalooza '06 runs long.

Rubio's, you're dead to me.
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