10 Things That I Don't Understand

1. James Blunt. That fucking song makes me want to stab my ears with kebab skewers.

2. On The Sopranos, if they wacked Vito because he was he had a touch of teh gay, why did they ram a poolstick up his ass after they killed him? If undressing a man, turning him over, spreading his fat ass cheeks, focusing in on his bumhole, and then sticking something in it doesn't qualify as gay, then what does?

3. Adult Swim. It's not hip or funny, it's just trying to be, and sucker motherfuckers believe the hype.

4. Family Guy. See above.

5. AFI. Back in 94 they were a semi-decent punk band. Now their fanbase is a bunch of goth chicks. What the fuck happened?

6. Why there are so many goddamn shady mofos in Sacramento. Everywhere I go there's either a) some shifty eye dude assessing the situation or b) some person who sits down right next to me and starts to have a converstion with no one in particular.

7. People who still defend George Bush.

8. Why I don't have a jet-pack yet. When I was a kid I'd watch these football specials about the first Super Bowl in 1967. I don't know what the context was and what it has to do with football, but the half time show or something had this dude flying around with a jet-pack on his back. In 1967! It's 2006. Where the hell is my jet-pack?

9. The Cuban Embargo. We have normalized relations with Vietnam, China, and Russia, but we shit our pants over a poor island in the Carribbean?

10. Why this picture is everywhere:

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