GG Allin & The Backstreet Boys, BFF

If you don't know who G.G. Allin is, well, he was probably the most controversial, vile, filthy, disgusting, hateful, yet fascinating dudes ever in punk rock. His live shows were absolute chaos, with GG punching whoever he could, bloodying himself by smashing his own face with the microphone, shitting on stage, rolling in his own shit on stage, throwing his shit at the crowd, and cutting himself with whatever was handy. GG always spoke of his final show, where he would commit suicide onstage. But before that happened, GG died of a heroin overdose, just like a normal fucking rockstar.

There's a documentary about GG, called Hated. Given all you now know about GG Allin, would anyone care to explain to me the following screenshot I took from Blockbuster Online (Hint: look at the "If You Liked" section?

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