Unhinged Moonbats Wearing Tinfoil Hats

So, I usually read the same ten or so liberal blogs, and for the most part, they pretty much reinforce each other. I don’t have a problem with that, as nine time out of ten I am on the same page. In fact, for a lot of the stories, I fail to see how there could be an opposing side. This made me think that maybe I’ve become a little too ideologically rigid and unaware of other points of view. This is something I’ve always feared, so in order to see what else is out there, I decided to bookmark and regularly check out some of the more popular right wing blogs. So I spent a week reading Michelle Malkin’s blog. Here, in one paragraph, is a summary of her views and typical posts (keep in mind one of my pet peeves in blogging is when people create cute little catchphrases and beat them into the ground, i.e. "kool-aid drinkers", "wingnuts", etc.):
Moonbat unhinged tin-foil hat unhinged unhinged moonbat unhinged tin-foil hat moonbat I hate Mexicans. Moonbat unhinged unhinged moonbat tin-foil hat tin-foil hat moonbat unhinged moonbat tin-foil hat I hate Arabs. Democrats are evil and moonbat moonbat tin-foil hat unhinged moonbat tin-foil hat unhinged. Moonbat moonbat boy, I wish I were white moonbat unhinged tin-foil hat moonbat.
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