Friday Shitlist: Ceser Chavez Park Edition

Inspired by people-watching at Th' Losin' Streaks show at CC Park.

1. Those trendy, oversized sunglasses.


2. Smokers.


3. Chest tattoos on women.

I don't know the official name of them, but it's usually like a bird or whateverthefuck in the middle of a girl's chest, kind of around the boobs. I vote: Lame.

4. Tattoos in general.

Specifically bad tattoos. I actually saw a calf (someone's leg, not a baby cow, idiot) tattoed with Fred Flinstone and Dino with two busty skanks on a desert island. CLASSY. Also, the whole wings on your back thing? Cut it out. It's lame.

5. Chubby, underachieving 34-year-old dudes with sideburns (hey 90210, you're 34)and bad skin, wearing CBGB shirts (have you ever even been to New York, poseur?), who bitch and moan about everything.

The lamest of lame.
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