Spank Cat Butt

A couple of months ago, it was big news when the Department of Justice tried to order Google to turn over information to determine what google users were searching for. Of course they needed to do this to crack down on child porn. That's like the all-purpose excuse. If you oppose it, I guess you support child porn, just like I supposedly support the terrorists since I don't like Bush. Anyways, it sounds all a little Orwellian to me, but since I don't use Google to access regular porn much less child porn, I figured I had nothing to worry about.

Follow me on this one.

Pixie, my cat, likes it when I spank her butt. It's not really spanking her butt, more like patting her back by her tail, like this:

Pixie is not the first cat I had who enjoyed this. I became curious as to what the big deal for a cat is. So, to satisfy my curiousity, I turned to my good friend Google.

I typed in "spank cat butt".

Then I remembered the DOJ is trying to collect Google searches.

Oh shit.

So this is an open letter to the Department of Justice:

I am not into any deviant sexual practices with my cat. She just likes her back to ve patted. I will be more careful in my choice of words in the future. God Bless America.
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