The Office

First there was Moonlighting, and David and Maddie.

Then, Cheers, with Sam and Diane.

And of course, Ross and Rachel (puke).

Usually when a show develops sexual or romantic tension between two characters, the producers usually blow it by allowing the characters to consummate their relationship. And from that point on, the show sucks. The post-fucking show is never the equal of the pre-fucking show.

So, obviously I hate it when shows give in to this sort of cop out.

Well, normally.

Dammit Jim and Pam! Hook up already! You're killing me over here. Pam, you know you broke of the engagement with your ex because you secretly love Jim, and now you do nothing about it? C'mon. And Jim. You know Pam is single now. Sure, she rebuffed you harshly before, but at least try, man. Yes, your new coworker is insanely hot and is into you, but she couldn't make you as happy as Pam. Don't be a Shrute, grow a pair.

You crazy kids. Do the right thing. Sure The Office will start to suck, but I'm willing to pay that price....for love.

Wow. What just happened? Sorry for the estrogen release. Normal blogging will resume shortly.
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