Gambling Reconsidered

So, my post last week about my misfortunes betting on football may have been a little misleading, and premature.

Reading it, I probably give the impression that I lost a ton of money and I have a gambling problem. Nah. I know I have bad luck, so it keeps me honest. So I make a ten dollar parlay here, a five dollar Super Teaser there, and some straight up baseball bets. My total amount bet came to $90, and that covered every single football game and most of the baseball games on Sunday.

And yes, my morning DID suck. I lost every single morning game. But at the end of the day, when I took cashed my winning bets in, I got back $102. So for all my bitching and whining, I ended up taking Circus Circus Reno for $12 bucks.

Ha! Look out Vegas, you're next. I'm gonna come drain your ass too, $12 at a time.
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