I drove up to Eugene, Oregon to watch my Fresno State Bulldogs play the Ducks today. It's my first time in Oregon and, My God, what a shithole. It's so fucking ugly.

Of course, I'm kidding. The drive was beautiful and everyone up here is being so nice it's almost hard to root against the Ducks. So far, Oregon has been rad. It could use a few more trees though. Kidding.

Last night I stayed in Grant's Pass. Just a podunk town, but even it was cool. There is coffee EVERYWHERE, and none of it is Starbucks. I didn't see even one. Yet there are these "Dutch Bros" coffee drive thru's everywhere. Really good coffee and really friendly employees. Apparently it's a chain all around the west, but I had never heard of it. If you don't like Dutch Bros, there are about, oh, a billion other coffee choices, in a town of 30,000. None of which are Starbucks. Me likee Oregon.

Ok, I'm heading to the stadium now. I expect Fresno State to lose, but hopefully it'll be a good game and a good time. There will obviously be more later.
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