You Stay Classy, San Diego

Holy Christ, what a shitty day to be a fan of San Diego sports.

The Padres, needing to win one out of two to make the playoffs, lose both, forcing a one game playoff against the Rockies, who have apparently joined the Phillies in selling their souls to Beelzebub. The Rockies historic momentum vs. the Padres' trainwreck. Color me not optimistic.

And then the Chargers. The shitty, shitty Chargers. They are now officially one of the worst teams in football. The offensive line blows. There's zero pass rush. The secondary is a joke. Norv Turner is a loser. There's all sort of infighting. Philip Rivers is completely gun shy.

And the play calling....jeeeeeezus. 2-yard passes on 3rd and 10? 20-yard passes on 3rd and two? Explain that to me. 1st and goal inside the 10 yard line, you throw four straight passes? When you have LT, who is cash money inside the 10? Have you lost your mind?

The Chargers are masters at ruining good things. We fired Bobby Ross after he got us to a Super Bowl, and then we fire Marty Shottenheimer, who got the Chargers out of they grave the dug in the post-Bobby Ross era. We cheap out on re-signing Donnie Edwards. We don't sign a veteran wide receiver. We get some re-treads instead of innovators for coordinators. The attitude seems to be that somehow those were minor things. Obviously not. The Chargers front office basically pissed on all the work that went into getting the team to where they were last year, and they still expect us fans to be grateful. Fuck that.

But firing Norv Turner now would be a start.
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