That Friggin' Song

Okay, you know that YouTube thing that's been going around for years now, where that house has a ton of lights synchronized to THAT song? What the hell song is that? Now I hear it on commericials, sports, the news, everywhere, and it is (and has always been extremely annoying). When did this song, whatever it is (along with the equally annoying Carol of the Bells - "give a give a Garmin") become the official song of Christmas?

Please stop thinking this garbage is "cool" cause it's got guitars and shit. It's not. It's just Mannheim Steamroller for the under 50 crowd.

Also, synchronizing lights. Stop it, idiots. There's like, global warming and shit, dincha hear?

K, I think that's the last of my Grinchness. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Tv Funhouse A Peanuts Christmas

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