awkard moments

So, at the local coffee hole, I finally bought the requisite 10th drink enabling me to get my one free drink. Not wanting to look cheap, I figure I'll tip a buck (yes I'm a cheap bastard). But the barista is busy making my drink, so I wait until she comes back, I make my dollar visible, and say "I believe in the Costanza rule of tipping" and put the buck in the tip jar. I'm getting a confused look from her. So I try to explain, "you know, the Costanza rule - the tip doesn't really count unless you see it." Same confused look. "It's from Seinfeld, George tips when she isn't looking, so he reaches in the jar and tries to get his tip back, but of course the woman behind the counter thinks he's stealing the tips..." I get a courtesy smile. More of a pity smile, to be exact. She still has no clue what I'm talking about. So I awkwardly say, "It was funny," and I walk away. Bottom line is I have no game, and I'm quickly realizing my Seinfeld knowledge isn't exactly a "cool" characteristic. It's sort of like Dungeons and Dragons for sarcastic people, if that makes sense.

Can you believe I'm single?
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