bad stickers redux

I wrote a while back about how every time I go back to visit friends in Kings County, I am inevitably confronted with a hideously bad, WTF-inducing sticker on a car. For previous examples, click here.

Last time I was in Lemoore, I snagged a picture of this beauty:

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You read right. Somebody was actually looked at a sticker that said "Bitches Get To Steppin" and thought, "Yeah, that about sums it up perfectly. Ring me up!".

But I had always preferred to think of this as one of those Kings County things. One of those things, like raised trucks and Bad Boy Club shirts, that drove me away, yet give me the occasional dose of comic relief.

But then, a couple of weeks ago, parked outside my house, I saw this:

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"Only Little Boys Wear Bowties"? With a muscular human/bronco? Does this make sense to anyone? It didn't to me, so I googled it...apparently it's a dig Mustang/Ford owners make at Chevy owners. Whatever. That doesn't make it not retarded. It's still one of the dumbest things I've ever seen, and definitely Kings County-worthy.

Then, just last week, this bit of psuedo-patriotism in the Costco parking lot made me shake my head:

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"We Are Ready To Defend Freedom"? Are you really? 'Cause like David Cross said to Lee Greenwood, "Really? Well, here's your second chance ... pick up a gun and hop to it! Plane leaves from over there. ... What? Sorry, I couldn't hear you with all the flags flapping in my ears. What? What's that? Oh, you've got another gig in Branson?"
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