San Diego Food Tour 2008: Cotixan


It’s too much to ask one taco shop to excel in all taco shop related matters. Therefore I have created a division of labor, and based on my extensive research, will focus on what taco shop does what particular thing the best.

First up is the California Burrito. If you are unfamiliar with it, then you my friend, are missing out. A California Burrito contains carne asada, salsa fresca, cheese, guacamole, and potatoes (I usually add sour cream, cuz, um, I’m a fat ass who has a deathwish). It is this last ingredient that makes the California Burrito special. See, a large percentage of taco shops define potatoes as "french fries". Yup. You’re eating a burrito stuffed with french fries.

The best California Burrito I have ever had is at El Cotixan. Specifically, the Genesee El Cotixan, off Balboa Avenue. Other Cotixan’s are just okay, I have no idea why this location is so much better, but trust me it is. First of all, the use actual chopped potatoes rather than fires. The novelty of using fries is pretty awesome, but taste-wise, traditional potatoes work better. Second, the weirdly orange-ish hot sauce is awesome, second only to Trujillo’s tomatillo hot sauce (to be discussed at some point I’m sure). There are no weak points; the carne asada is excellent and plentiful, the salsa is great, and the tortilla is tender yet not moist. God I hate moist tortillas. That sounds bad. Moist tortilla. Naughty. Huh? What was I talking about?

Oh, yeah. Food. El Cotixan. Genesee Avenue. California Burrito. I should also note that the burrito is huge.

Make your own huge burrito/moist tortilla jokes.
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