Bacon (Muxtape #2)

I'm liking this whole Muxtape thing. I made another one; this one is cop-inspired.


Due to the nature of the comp, I guess I should give a disclaimer: I work with law enforcement, so the sentiments in these songs are not to be taken as my personal opinion. I've grown up, and the world is no longer as black and white as it once seemed. I know a lot of "good" cops and respect what they do. Yet, I have to admit, I'm still a sucker for a good anti-cop song. Hard to explain. Anyways, I included the last song, "Shattered Badge", since it is mostly "pro-cop" song (I don't know if White Flag was actually pro-cop, or if at a time, since everybody else was writing anti-cop songs, writing a pro-cop song was the punkest thing they could think of).

So let's just dedicate to this to the minority of power mustached, asshole cops out there.
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