dear sacramento airport java city

If you are going to advertise "Iced Coffee" on your menu, it would be a good idea to have a pitcher of brewed coffee in a refrigerator somewhere. I guess, in a technical sense, pouring hot coffee over ice qualifies as "Iced Coffee", but not in the spirit of the law. By the time I sit down, all my ice has melted and I am left with "Watery Lukewarm Coffee". Furthermore, the "Iced Coffee" in question is the exact same coffee as the hot coffee, yet you charge more for a smaller cup (not even counting the spatial displacement of ice) of "Iced Coffee" than a hot coffee. I chose you because my other choice was Starbucks, and while my anti-Starbucks feelings have waned, I still try to support alternative forms of coffee whenever possible. In this case, I should have gone with the familiar. In short, what I am saying is that the totality of your concept of "Iced Coffee" equals

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