quarterback controversy

No, not who to start in my fantasy league (though, that is a good question). It just seems that the quarterbacks of my two favorite teams appear to be douches have political philosophies diametrically opposed to mine.

Philip "Marmalard" Rivers, QB, San Diego Chargers:
Phillip Rivers, starting quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, contributes $10,000 to Yes on Prop 4 Campaign, confirmed Charles Gallagher, Campaign Manager and Chief Strategist for Yes on 4. 
Prop 4 being the "Abortion Waiting Period and Parental Notification Initiative", otherwise known as the "If Your Piece Of Shit Father Rapes You And You Get Pregnant, You Must Get His Permission To Have An Abortion Initiative".

Tom Brandstater, QB, Fresno State Bulldogs:
Brandstater supports McCain and plans to vote. He describes himself as "very much a Republican" but said "it doesn't look like my guy's gonna win."..."I am a believer that the war in Iraq is a necessary evil," Brandstater said. "It's not the ideal situation but it has to happen." 
 Sheesh. Now, I'm in an ethical quandary. Do I root for these jackasses or not?

I'm (mostly) kidding. I realize people can respectfully disagree on things. But respectfully disagreeing doesn't change the fact that Marmalard is still a male, and Brandstater hasn't volunteered to go to Iraq to fight in a war he believes so strongly in. Whether his brother did or not is irrelevant.
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