vegas roadtrip mix tape power rankings

10 - Neutral Milk Hotel - King Of Carrot Flowers, Pt 1 [Yeah, I can be a hipster douche with the best of 'em when I want.] 

9 - J Church - Cosmonaut [I am sucker for whoa-oh's as a chorus device.]

8 - Beastie Boys - 3-Minute Rule [People like to say Paul's Boutique was years ahead of its time. But even by that standard this should sound old almost twenty years later. It doesn't.]

7 - Built To Spill - They Got Away [One of the mellower anti-Iraq war songs you're likely to hear. BTS goes reggae, and I like it. Who knew?]

6 - Scared Of Chaka - Straight To The Office [Good God I forgot how good these guys were. IMHO, the New Bomb Turks are the only better garage punk band.]

5 - Oxford Collapse - Young Love Delivers [See comments for NMH.]

4 - Off With Their Heads - Call The Cops [Best white trash punk love long ever?]

3 - Radon - Rehab Barbie [On the surface (like many Radon songs) this song seems lighthearted, with the Weekend At Bernie's references and all, but at its core there's something profoundly sad about it.]
2 - Dillinger Four - The Classical Arrangement [This anti-religion song is a bit of a musical departure for D4, but I like it a lot, and the moment where the song transitions from gloom to uptempo makes me want to cry, it's so perfect.]
1 - David Cross - My Immigrant Mom Talks Funny [I've heard this a million times, and it's still funny, especially the part towards the end about Texas style sodomy. Completely inappropriate, yet hilarious, and makes its larger point quite well. The smile and laugh it invoked in SC was the highlight of the trip.]
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