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The Pentagon says a Marine based in Southern California has been confirmed to be ill with swine flu and is under quarantine, along with his roommate.

A Marine spokesman at the Pentagon, Maj. David Nevers, said the sick Marine is doing well and his condition continues to improve.

Nevers said approximately 30 others who had been in contact with the sick Marine at the Twentynine Palms base will be held in quarantine for five days as well as to see whether they show symptoms.
We don’t have our copy of The Stand handy, as we probably left it on a school bus or something, in the 1980s, but let’s see, Army dude sick with the Superbug, escapes a desert military base in California and infects the whole Southwest before he dies, does that sound about right?
 And if you don't know, yeah Twentynine Palms is in the California desert.

Keep a lookout for The Walking Dude

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