just say no

All you need to know about the Republican game plan is contained in the nomination of Kathleen Sebelius for Secretary of Health & Human Services. As Yglesias points out, this is not a controversial pick. It's not the Attorney General. W's first nominee, Tommy Thompson, was approved 100-0. His second, Michael Leavitt, was approved by voice vote. With the exception of Gale Norton (not exactly a friend of the environment) for Secretary of Interior (75-24) and the position of Attorney General (a position always prone to controversy), all of Bush's cabinet members ultimately received significant Democratic support. 

So Kathleen Sebelius, moderate Senator from freaking Kansas, gets approved, with a whopping SIX Republican votes, 65-31.

For Secretary of Health & Human Services.

During a swine flu pandemic. 

Unbelievable. Olympia Snowe, George Voinovich, Richard Lugar, Susan Collins - I obviously don't agree with y'all on everything, if not most things, and you piss me off a lot of things. But if the day comes where you need to change that 'R' next to your name to a 'D' or 'I', I'll completely understand.
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