joe arpaio is a piece of shit

I already knew as much, but this New Yorker article confirms it as fact.

Not investigating violent crimes while you focus on immigration?

Having the Sheriff's Department conduct raids in city limits - at city hall, no less - without telling the chief of police?

Furthermore, just about all measurable statistics are worse under Arpaio. Yet he keeps getting re-elected, practically beatified, by 'Zonies.

Why? Basically, Sheriff Joe is a meglomanic tapping into the xenophobic underpinnings of white Arizona. You know, the state that voted against a state holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr.  Imagine Bill O'Reilly as Sheriff. Egads.

The guy gets off on degradation and stripping people of any shred of dignity. I'm guessing him and his sick cadre of sycophants consider themselves fine upstanding Christians to boot.  

I encourage you to read the article.
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