lenovo sucks, and i will never buy from them again

Bought an IdeaCentre HTPC from Lenovo. The idea is to stream Netflix, Hulu and other stuff on my TV. It works pretty well. I like it. I'm excited to use Windows 7 Media Center on it, which I've read is awesome. The unit shipped with Vista, but I was promised a "free" upgrade to Windows 7 once it came out. I would have to pay shipping and handling, but for an upgrade disc, what could that be, $5? $6? It's just a CD. Actually, Lenovo probably has a ISO file I could download, then they would just have to send me a serial number. We all win!

Except that shipping is $17 and there is no ISO.

Is $17 going to break my budget? No. But does it cost $17 to ship a CD? No. It's the principle of the thing that has me upset. I called to clarify, and was basically told that it's $17, there is no download, and if I'm unhappy I could return the unit after paying for return shipping and a 15% restock fee.

Now that's what I call customer service!

This was my first, and last, purchase from Lenovo. Crazy that they would choose to alienate someone who actually likes their product over a bogus shipping charge.
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