chargers 31, eagles 23

Game notes:
  • Legadu Naanee justified the release of Chris Chambers.
  • Great to see LT get some space to run. Great job by the OL (and LT). 
  • Sproles was generally used properly and effectively.
  • BUT, yet again, a Sproles run on third and short. Have yet to hear a legitimate reason for these calls.
  • Names I barely heard mentioned during the game: Vincent Jackson, Shawne Merriman, Eric Weddle. 
  • The defense went into virtual prevent defense the entire second half. The drive that gave the Eagles their 23rd points, I don't believe the Chargers blitzed a single time.
  • The Chargers running game was better, but not enough to be relied on. On that 3rd down near the end of the game, I would have taken a shot at the endzone. 
  • Norv again outcoached his opponent. Some of Andy Reid's red zone decisions in the first half probably cost the Eagles the game. 
  • Did I hear Matt Millen say "gobble too much clock"?
  • Fox on DirecTV is atrocious. What is up with the sound and the dropped picture? It's 2009!
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