chargers 32, broncos 3

Excellent game. No real complaints here.

Game notes:
  • The Chargers are making far fewer mental mistakes than their opponents the past few weeks. This applies to players and coaches. Team discipline has been outstanding. 
  • Unlike Jay Cutler, I kind of like Kyle Orton. With his injured ankle, I have no idea why the Broncos kept throwing him out there in an unwinnable game. He gave them a spark for a bit, but should have been pulled when the score got out of hand.
  • The game was over when the Bronco's surprise onside kick failed. 
  • Even though he had fewer yards, I'm more encouraged by LT's performance this week than last week. He was consistently able to churn out 4+ yards up the gut. Offensive line deserves a ton of credit, obviously.
  • Offensive line was also great in pass protection. Unlike the last game against the Broncos,  Rivers did not have to worry about being sacked all the time.
  • Malcolm Floyd continues to impress. 
  • The secondary played great. Good to see Cromartie get physical and show he's not just a Deon Sanders wannabe. 
  • Also impressed with the Chargers ability to bleed the clock as of late. 
  • I never comment on River's excellence because it is so blatant. He's so consistently good that I'm shocked win he has a merely average game.  
  • All-in-all, most impressive win of the year. There were simply no faults. Hopefully they will remain focused and disciplined going into Chiefs week.
  • I've obviously (mostly) come around on Norv Turner. I can't really explain why the coaches and players have such cobwebs at the beginning of the season. But when a team is playing as good as the Chargers are right now, how can you possibly complain? 
  • What is up with the AFC West? Chiefs beat the Steelers? Raiders beat the Bengals? Any given Sunday indeed.
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