spazz / floor split (1994 bovine)

Classic split here. For my money, Spazz is the best powerviolence band that has ever existed. Floor is sounding a little more Cavity-ish in their sludge on this release than they do on their full length.

For your Thanksgiving listening pleasure, this includes Spazz's "Ghost Dance".

Tame the nation of savage men
Enslave them, name them "Indians"

Abuse their knowledge of the land
Destroy traditions of generations
Return their kindness with a gun
Exterminate tribes one by one
Break the treaties the can't read
Force them on to reservations
Spread disease, cut the rations
Ghost dance, manifest destiny
A crime against humanity

  1. S: All Urban Outfield
  2. S: Weedeater
  3. S: Bled Dry
  4. S: Closet
  5. S: No Room
  6. S: Ghost Dance
  7. F: Chelsea / Pigs

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