spazz / monster x split (1996 reservoir)

I bought this for the Spazz side, which is of course excellent, but Monster X is a quite capable powerviolence band themselves. More Cookie Monster-ish in the vocals than I usually dig, but what the hell, it works.
  1. Spazz - Crop Circles
  2. Spazz - Gas X
  3. Spazz - Jean Claude Bland Dan In A Steel Cage Match With Mean Steve Segal For The Title Of Crowned King Of Hilfiger Apparel : WWF Style
  4. Spazz - War in the Head (7 Seconds)
  5. Spazz - Elder Mutant Stomp
  6. Monster X - Tolerance
  7. Monster X - Your Mistake (Negative Approach)
  8. Monster X - Hand of Power
  9. Monster X - Chained for life

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