10 best firefox extensions of 2009

There's a pretty good chance that Chrome will become my primary browser in 2010. But I will always have love for Firefox. Here are some of the reasons why: 
  1. Lastpass - Save all your passwords across computers/browsers.
  2. X-Marks - Save all your bookmarks across computers/browsers.
  3. SkipScreen - Makes sites like Megaupload & Rapidshare bearable.
  4. Woot! Watcher - Know what's currently being sold at Woot.com.
  5. Adblock Plus - Block ads!
  6. DownThemAll! - Download multiple files with one click.
  7. TabMixPlus - Firefox tends to adopt many of their innovations in each new release. 
  8. Greasemonkey - allows you to tweak almost any webpage. 
  9. Download Statusbar - Replaces the clunky FF download manager. 
  10. Foxytunes - Play your music within FF.
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