5 best commercials of 2009

1. American Express

This commercial does not make me want to get an American Express card. So, for its intended purpose, it's an absolute failure. But, it does make me very happy. Except for actually getting me to buy their product, it's a perfect commercial.

2. Bank Of America: Keep The Change 

You know this one. Whatever amount you spend on your debit card, B of A will round the total up to the next dollar and transfer the difference to your savings account. It's not a new commercial, and definitely not an exciting commercial, but it does have me continually checking with my bank to see if they offer a similar program.

3. Apple: iPhone, There's An App For That

I hate Apple with a passion, but when these commercials come out, I consistently find my self in a state of iPhone envy.

4. AT&T U-Verse: Standoff

Every time I see this I am reminded of Reservoir Dogs and True Romance, and that;s a good thing. Plus, it also reminds me of those times where I am trapped by DirecTV's two at a time recording limitation. 

5. Apple: Mac Vs. PC

Weird that a company I detest has my favorite commercials. The thing is, in these commercials, I always find John Hodgeman's PC to be much more lovable than the douche-y Mac guy. And then Apple decides to team David Puddy with the PC? Sold. These Mac commercials make me so very to be a PC.

Honorable Mention: AT&T Rollover

The first time I saw this commercial, I was pretty meh. But upon subsequent viewings it bcame clear that the mom in this commercial deserves an Oscar for that death stare.

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