labor unions: worse than terrorism


An alleged attempt to blow up a transatlantic flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas would be all-consuming for the administrator of the Transportation Security Administration -- if there were one.
Instead, the post remains vacant because Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) has held up President Obama's nominee in an effort to prevent TSA workers from joining a labor union.

 If that's not bad enough, he's digging his heels in.

DeMint, in a statement, said Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's alleged attempted attack in Detroit "is a perfect example of why the Obama administration should not unionize the TSA." 

Yes, because a union-free TSA totally prevented Abdulmutallab from getting explosives on a plane. When he tries to explain what the fudge he's talking about, we get this meaningless blubbering.

For now, DeMint said, the TSA has "flexibility to make real-time decisions that allowed it to quickly improve security measures in response to this attempted attack." He said that if organized labor were involved, union bosses would have the power "to veto or delay future security improvements at our airports." 

Oooooohkay. Whatever that means.

South Carolina, you continue to make America proud.
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