opening day

Well, at least home opening day for the Padres. Took the day off work. Here's my notes/observations:
  • Rain? In San Diego? In April? WTF? Definitely the blusteriest (?) opening day I have ever been to.
  • Will there ever be a time when being a drunk asshole will go out of style? I'm hoping the large proportion of drunk assholes is endemic to baseball/sports in general, and isn't just a San Diego thing.  
  • Stadium music - still sucks. Heard some horrible "new rock" and at some freaking Collective Soul. What's pumped through the speakers makes me hate going to games almost as bad as the drunk assholes. I have an idea - Punk Rock Night. Or at least Indie Rock night. Throw me a bone!
  • The bottom of the 4th inning was shaping up to be epic, so I decided to record some of it (and you can get an idea of the audio diarrhea they play at Petco.) First vid, Kyle Blanks hits a two run double. Before the hit, me and a drunk guy next to me had a weird conversation. If you listen closely, you can here it. Went something like this: Drunk Guy: "I'm gonna push you down, if Blanks gets a hit." Me: "You have my permission." Blanks got a hit. I got pushed. 
  • This guy was also a Padres fan, so I have no idea why this guy wanted to push me over.
  • I have no idea why I agreed to be pushed. 
  • 2nd vid, Chase Headley follows Blanks with an RBI double. 

  • 3rd vid, while trying to catch some video of the San Diego Chicken, Will Veneable hits a two-run homer. 
  • Final score: Padres Seven-fucking-teen, Braves - two.
  • Oh, how easy it is to be optimistic in April. 

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