tabe bbq

Tempted by some foodie blog posts, I had to head up to Mira Mesa to check out the Tabe BBQ truck.  Some sort of Korean/Mexican fusion. So worth it.

When I arrived, there was quite a scene, 'specially for a taco truck.

They have four different tacos. I honestly could not decide what to get. You know what that means, right? Yep.

Would I like fries with that? But of course.

Taco-wise, we're talking beef, grilled chicken, spicy pork, and fish, with $2.25 being the most expensive. The recipes are here, so I won't describe them to you. I will tell you that they were all great, with the spicy pork being my favorite (and no, I didn't finish these in one sitting - two at a time is all I could handle). All can be made into burritos.

The 5-spice fries were also really good, but a tad too salty.  Not that I wouldn't order them again, cuz I totally would. I don't know what the five spices are, but they left my mouth feeling kind of weird, almost numb. In a good way.

Tabe BBQ is getting a ton of hype right now (google it, you'll see), but it's completely deserved. A very, very welcome addiction to my regular food rotation.
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