blue water seafood

Went to Blue Water while my awesome mechanic was working on my car. The deal here is the freshness of the food. I've heard that they catch some of the fish themselves, but that sounds a little wive's tale-ish.

Anyhoo, started some seriously good clam chowder. This was just a starter cup. can't remember if they do breadbowls here or not, but it would be worth investigating.

Next was some ceviche. Huge pieces of shrimp. I'm a ceviche novice, and most I've had has been pretty chopped up, almost into a salsa. Not this. This was miles beyond any ceviche I've had. Plus, they use El Indio chips. I believe El Indio is in the top 3 most overrated restaurants in San Diego, but the one thing they do right, better than anyone else in town, is tortillas.

Finally, a swordfish taco. These also use El Indio tortillas.

It may look the taco is heavy on the cabbage and light on the sword fish, but that is not true. There is a lot of swordfish hidden under there:

My only complaint is the lack of a decent homemade hot sauce to go along with the taco. But it's a fish place, not a taco shop, so that's stretching it, complaint wise.

Awesome lunch. Way too much food, but it was my splurge day, so what the hell.

I spied some of the sandwiches people were having, and they looked amazing. It's hard for me to pass up a chance at a good fish taco, but their sandwiches look like a must-try item. I also heard someone mention that their onion rings were pretty great as well.

I went to get coffee at Gelato Vero afterward. Overheard a couple of tourists looking through a guidebook trying to decide between El Indio and Blue Water. I had to butt in and pretty much demand that they go to Blue Water.

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