mama testa

I've been going to Mama Testa since 2004, so in a typical punk rock manner, I feel a little dismayed by its current popularity. "I was listening to Green Day eating at Mama Testa when they were on Lookout! a struggling restaurant." It's obnoxious, I know, but there it is. I think Mama Testa's current popularity derives in part because they were able to beat Bobby Flay in a fish taco Throwdown. Now, seeing as though can't help but order mojados every time I go, I didn't even realize they had fish tacos. So last time we went, I made sure to try them.

They are actually catfish tacos. They are served in a crispy shell, which is odd for a San Diego fish taco. It's topped by queso fresco and "Mexican cole slaw". Definitely a different twist on a fish taco. The big question is: Was it good? Yeah, it was good. But I don't see how Bobby Flay lost. This was really good, but not even close to the best fish taco in San Diego. That would be the Marlin Taco at Marisco's German.
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