betty's love child - double ep (1995 17th st)

San Jose's Betty's Love Child mixed the best elements of gruff East Bay and SoCal pop punk (personally I hear Crimpshrine and Gameface). I don't know why they weren't bigger, but I know I didn't listen to them for a while based on their name. I always lumped them in with alt-rock bands with girls names (Lucy's Fur Coat, For Love Not Lisa, etc). My loss. This is good shit.  

Bassist was one of a billion members of The Unit Breed.

  1. It's Not The Way
  2. Tattered
  3. In My Sleep
  4. Success
  5. The World
  6. All About Us
  7. Bottom Of The Sea
  8. Like 100 Years
  9. Paul Van Gough
  10. Falling Down 

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